Northeast Basketmakers Guild - Spring Gathering

What a wonderful weekend I just had, nothing but basketweaving.  It started off with a not so smooth ferry ride from Pt. Jeff to Bridgeport and a traffic free drive to Enfield, Connecticut.  Friday night I was a student (yeah!) weaving a miniature ash basket called a Miniature Bread Basket that became affectionately known as the Atkins Bread Basket.  Cute and tiny. 

Saturday was spent in the Open Weave room where I taught the Paper Bowl Filler Baskets and the Binder Clip Photo/Note holders.  Ruth Garcia also taught her beautiful cane bracelets.  Weavers also had the opportunity to finish any incomplete basket projects or have a class with Ruth or myself.  Very casual and a lot of fun.

Sunday was my day to be the teacher.  What a fun time I had with my group of students.  Students?  Most of my "students" were teachers, so that made my day really easy.  We made a low sided basket with heart accents and just had fun sharing tips, tricks and ideas. 

The day end with a lovely lunch at a local pub with my friends from the Long Island Basketweavers Guild and the Basketweavers Guild of Eastern Long Island.  We had a large contingent of members from both guilds.   It was a great weekend.